The neck is the backbone of the Cigar box guitar.

Its look and feel can make or break your project. If you want a high quality guitar but don’t have the time or the tools to build a great neck, we have your solution.

Chillen guitar neck kits are the AFFORDABLE solution for your D.I.Y. cigar box guitar building needs. Our necks feature classic headstock shapes of iconic blues and rock guitars.

We deliver them as a “blank.” Meaning you, the builder can, scale, shape and finish the neck to YOUR specifications. You are not limited to one headstock shape or scale length. YOU determine the scale, and overall finish.

Along with the neck you will have access to exclusive “how to” videos to complete your project.
We’ll show you how to finish your neck starting with setting the scale, cutting fret slots, how to round and shape the neck, preparing the cigar box, fretting, tuning and more. There are also links to help you learn to play.

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