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CBG Neck 3-string, LP style headstock

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The most time consuming part of building a homemade CBG is the neck.  The style of neck dictates the overall look of the guitar.
We've worked hard at evolving the look and functionality of our necks.
Our necks feature classic headstock shapes of iconic blues and rock guitars.
We deliver them as a “blank.” Meaning you, the builder can, scale, shape and finish the neck to YOUR specifications.

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BRAND NEW!!! 3 String version of the Classic LP headstock!!!

Give your Cigar Box guitar a unique look of the iconic LP guitar line with this 3 string neck and fingerboard set up. The neck is heart of your cigar box guitar. Almost 90% of the work that goes into building a CBG is in the neck.

SAVE TIME, MONEY and build a GREAT looking guitar with these rough finished necks.

  • Cigar box guitar neck, 1″x2″ unfinished with Gibson LP shaped headstock and fingerboard.
  • 32″ length from the nut position to the end of the neck. Plenty of length for “through box” mounting.
  • Hand-built and shaped with Red oak with  5/16″pre-drilled holes for tuner machines.
  • PICTURES above show the unfinished neck and an examples of a finished necks.

Fingerboard is a blank with a pre-routed nut slot. User can set scale, fret, and markers on their own. You can also make up your own fingerboard.

The neck below the headstock is NOT SHAPED or FINISHED. This neck is a great start for the do it yourself cigar box guitar builder.

  • Each neck is shaped and put together by hand so they are all unique.
  • There are variations in wood grain and color.

Accompanying instructions also allow access to “how to” videos to complete your neck and build a great looking cigar box guitar.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 4 x 4 in


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