Tas Cru 2014 tour poster
Tas Cru 2014 tour poster

Tas Cru 2014 tour poster

Tas Cru and his band of tortured souls, an Upstate New York Blues band has been on the road in recent months. Tas is one of Chillen Guitars original customers. He picked up his Chillen guitar at the Lake George Blues festival in 2008.
The guitar has gone through a few changes and embellishments but it is an original Chillen Guitar.  He’s added some serious “bling” to the box.

As you can see, the guitar is featured on his current tour poster and can be seen and heard on his Facebook page and Youtube videos.
Tas Cru is active in Blues Education and won the 2014 “Keeping the Blues Alive” Award from the Blues foundation in Memphis TN.
Tas is a great artist and a great guy for all his work spreading the blues.  We are thrilled he plays one of our guitars!

Check out his website at www.tascru.com.

Watch him with his CBG!


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